Nice to meet you! I'm Paige Laurel Westberg.

I've got a Swedish mind, an Italian heart, and a love of family legacy. I come from a big, messy family. I’ve got parents, step-parents, nine siblings, 4 siblings-in-law, 8 nieces, a nephew, and a partridge in a pear tree! Needless to say, things get pretty interesting around the holidays!

As a young girl, my family instilled in me a love for learning. I enjoy thinking philosophically about things, and I strive to find balance, beauty, and peace in everything. Photography for me has always been just that: a beautiful balance of art and science.

I’m an incredibly passionate person, and so whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a new friend, or a really dang good cup of coffee, I show maximum enthusiasm. I bring all of that passion into everything I do. I want to work hard, work smart, and be friendly to everyone I meet!

Being from a big family has taught me how to work with all sorts of different people and to capture their unique personality, vision, and dreams! It’s also taught me a good balance of structure and flexibility. Even our best plans may need adjusting, and it’s never a reason for panic, but ingenuity.

If you’re looking for where I am any given week, I’m meeting someone in a coffee shop, FaceTiming my family who live all around the country, or traveling to visit someone I love!

One of my biggest passions is working in the dark room. In elementary school we learned about photography and got to tour a dark room! I was hooked. Now, I have the joy of taking your images to the dark room to transform them into unique pieces of art that will become heirlooms of your wedding day. To learn more about my photographic process keep reading.


B.F.A. Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2013


I believe…

The most important part of your wedding is the marriage that follows. Legacy comes from healthy marriages, and I want to help foster a genuine love for all of my clients.

You are your most beautiful when you feel most yourself. When we know each other well, the stress of being in front of the camera is lessened. It’s like hanging out with a friend. No stiff awkward poses here!

Your story is important. I want to capture your unique story and wedding day. I want to help you infuse your real life into each moment.

We are better together than we can ever be apart. Your story is special and deserves to be told well. I want to help you pull out the things that make your marriage special and to share those moments with future generations.

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My heart for marriage…

Marriage is a picture of Christ and His bride, the Church. I deeply value the beauty of that representation on the wedding day. We know that Jesus will never leave His bride, no matter what. He is faithful.

I long to see this level of commitment in marriages. Marriages where husbands love their wives and lay down their lives for them. Where wives love their husbands and respect them.

Our marriages and weddings here are only echoes of bigger, better, and more beautiful things. So we should delight in the details knowing that this is important.


My favorite traditions…

Like I said before, I am Swedish and Italian. My family came to America in the early 1900’s and we deeply value our heritage. As a little girl, I got to spend significant time with my great grandpa who came over from Italy in the 1920’s. My Swedish grandparents lived right across the street from us, and eventually in our home. They were all hard workers who loved their families, all of them lived through the Great Depression, and their stories are apart of who I am today.

I long to preserve their stories in my own life, and hope I can help you do the same with your family. Traditions can begin in one generation. So whether your family already has traditions, or you are establishing your own, those traditions tell your family story and create a unique family community.

Each Christmas, my family pulls out our recipes for lefse, knackelbröd, pepparkakor, and (of course) Swedish meatballs! It’s truly a glorious time of cooking, eating, and eating some more! In early December each year, we go to the Santa Lucia festival. In the summers we celebrate Midsummer. There are flower crowns, great music, and dancing. It’s a proper party and I love it.

For Christmas last year I got Swedish Dala horses and some sweet handmade Swedish clogs. All I need is a plane ticket to my home country, and I’d be set!