Work in progress

Hey y’all! I am in the process of building my dark room and will be sure to post more in depth about the process when it’s up in running. It’s going to be amazing! The images below are not samples of my work, but a there to give you a picture of what things might look like!

I have a space, have ordered all my materials (like a sink!) and will be up and running as soon as those things arrive and get up and running. You can follow along with my journey on my Instagram, @paigelaurelphoto.

What’s a cyanotype?

A cyanotype is a historic photographic process that creates beautiful cyan images. It’s often used by botanists to create images of plant life. It feels a bit like a blue print. What’s incredible about the cyanotype process is that it can be put onto nearly any surface. Personally, I love a good fine art watercolor paper.

This means that after creating some of your favorite images as cyanotypes (have a mentioned how rich and beautiful the blue is??) that I am able to draw and paint to create a unique art piece.


What’s a gum print?

A gum print is an incredibly similar process to cyanotype, and in fact the two go hand in hand! Essentially, I take watercolor paints (say even ones that match your wedding colors perfectly), and I mix them with some light sensitive chemicals. I paint them on a piece of a paper, and can create a beautiful photograph in paint of your favorite wedding details, bridal portraits, or your favorite images from the day.

This creates a really beautiful unique art piece that will last for generations to come!

Image by Erin Mahoney 

Image by Erin Mahoney