Get to know me!

Welcome to Paige Laurel Photography. I always feel like I have a million questions, and so I’m here to answer all of your questions and anticipate questions you didn’t even know you knew you had! Click around, get to know me better, see my unique process, and see how you can be a Paige Laurel bride! I love what I do, and can’t wait to hear from you soon!


The Woman Behind the Camera

A Phoenix-native from a big family, with lots of stories! I’m always excited to meet someone new, to hear their story, and to share about the things that make us unique. I believe every person has a powerful story to tell. Read more to learn about how I got into photography, my family, and why “Paige Laurel!”


Unique Photographic Process

As both a wedding and fine-art photographer, I love history. I love capturing the photographs that will become a part of a family’s story. In order to give you the best images and a unique experience, I want to teach you about some of the historic processes I use! If you’ve never heard the words “cyanotype” or “gum print.” Click below to learn more about ways you can have personalized art from your wedding day.


Pricing & Services

From the first cup of coffee, to many years down the road, I want to be here to answer your questions and provide all that you’re looking for in a photographer. Click below to learn more about the services I offer!