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15 Images You Get in a Fall Mini

15 Images You Get in a Fall Mini

Can we really get amazing photos in 20 minutes?


Somehow that sounds too good to be true! But the impossible is possible, my friends. I love being able to show people how easy it is to get great photos and I will help you prepare before the photos so that in those 20 minutes we can get the most in our time together!

This past weekend I put this to the test with two of my dearest friends, Taylor and William. William and I have been friends since college, we have grown as artists, designers, and believers together. William and I both moved back to Savannah around the same time two years ago.

I had met Taylor via Skype because she had questions about seminary. Fast forward, I moved back to Savannah, a few months later Taylor became my roommate. After knowing her for a few weeks, I absolutely adored her. She is such a passionate, strong, and beautiful woman. She is always learning more, making beautiful artwork (she’s a motion media designer), and loves to lead others.

Well, I’m a natural talker. When I meet someone and connect with them, I want everyone else to love them like I do! So, when William moved home, I naturally told him about this amazing lady!

He asked her out, and the rest—as they say—is history!

These two just got married a month ago, and after photographing their precious newlywed joy, I’m thinking that 1-month married photos should be a thing!

We photographed for 25 minutes and got 47 amazing photos.

I narrowed it down to 16 images for you too see the variety, the quality, and the beauty we can get in a short time!

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Bryan + Heather | Atlanta, GA

Bryan + Heather | Atlanta, GA

Fall Mini Sessions

Fall Mini Sessions