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Bryan + Heather | Atlanta, GA

Bryan + Heather | Atlanta, GA

I first met Bryan and Heather in college at the Savannah College of Art and Design. As dear friends, I watched their relationship grow. Fast forward a few years and they just celebrated 4 years married!

Heather is a talented illustrator working for Carter’s in Atlanta. Bryan is a metal worker and creating incredible cast irons works for homes. They are both people of many talents.

Since being married, they hadn’t had any photographs taken together! We had to remedy that! It’s also really made me think that anniversary shoots need to be a thing! Heather and I put our brains together and we worked to create a beautiful little French picnic.

One of my favorite things about couple shoots is getting to plan a date for couples and allow them to be comfortable and enjoy each other. One of the best parts of this shoot was getting to buy a ton of flowers (MY FAVE) and I was so happy to find Heather’s favorite: tulips!

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